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To become a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative (in Ontario), you must apply for licensing via the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). One of the pre-requisites to licensing includes the completion of the Pre-Registration Segment (5 courses) via the Ontario Real Estate Association College (OREA).


Required Pre-Registration Courses: 


1.    Real Estate as a Professional Career

2.    Land, Structures, and Real Estate Trading

3.    The Real Estate Transaction General AND:

       a.     The Residential Real Estate Transaction OR;

       b.     The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

4.    Real Property Law 

5.    One Elective


OREA College allots an 18 month period for the completion of the pre-registration courses. Failure to complete this segment within the allotted time frame will result in the candidate having to re-enroll into the pre-registration segment. 


A pass mark in the exam is 75%. Anything less than a 75% is considered a fail and the Candidate can elect to re-write the exam (at an additional cost - ~$50.00). A second failed attempt will result in the Candidate having to re-enroll themselves in the course by paying the full enrollment fee again. 




Where we come in. 


It's Real Estate, not Rocket Science. 


Why do Candidates choose us? Simple - They don't have time. The majority of Candidates who seek our assistance have mortgages to pay, mouths to feed, children to take care of or are enrolled in full-time/part-time Schooling and already have enough on their table.


What we've done.

We've turned an 18 month process into a 150 day course. We couple our simple notes with in-class lectures, supplemental lectures online, and practice exams. Each Candidate must attend a total of 10 one hour classes (Per Course). Upon completing the 10 classes, our Candidates are ready to write their respective OREA exam.

Real estate as a professional career

30 days 


land structures and real estate trading

30 days  


the real estate transaction general + residential +  commercial

60 days 



30 days  

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